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November 16, 2007
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fine by me by Pirate-King-SYR fine by me by Pirate-King-SYR
This is my first one-panel comic. I think ever.... Certainly a first for Pandora.

My thoughts on the 'Gay? Fine by me' shirts:
1. Like they need to be told it's OK to be gay, as if it's some kind of terrible problem.
2. I guess it could be good to know everyone isn't a moron with their head up their ass.
3. As Marion says, it's sad we need to advertise we're not prejudiced. I like to assume everyone is not prejudiced. I guess I'm really wrong on that one.

It's made for print in a low-quality paper, so the overall style is very simple. I don't really need critique on it, but you can tell me what I can do better next time I decide to do simple-style.

I'm also curious what you think on the matter in the comic.

edit ignore the small comment strip at the bottom of the page; it shows up that way on the comic and I was too lazy to edit it off. Sorry. It's kind of a scrap.
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Heh! I thought that too.

It's ridiculous that you have to advertise that, but people at KP are so into that shirt it's stupid. I wanted a new design with a less retarded slogan... but noooooo.
Oh my god, I love you. PLEASE design a less-retarded slogan. I'm with you!
You know that the "Gay? Fine by me." shirts are specifically from MTU in reaction to the anti-gay chalking that were all over campus last year before gay day, right? That's why every one you've probably ever seen is black and gold.

But it is clever. One panels are hard because you don't get a long time to set up the joke. You have to be in there and simple about it so it can be easily understood at a glance. Good job.
I know where they came from.
Grar. I is frustrated with myself. Everything I've been writing lately has made me seem all %*#$^!-y, which is not what I mean at all.

I'm going to try one more time to get my real point across and if it doesn't work, I declare failure at life.

What I meant to say is that even though the "fine by me" shirts are a local phenomenon, you have dealt with the material in your strip very well because even if someone from around here saw this comic, they would be able to understand it because of your superior storytelling technique. (unlike my commenting technique which needs more refining than a raw recording of Britney Spears).

In essence, the point I mean to convey is this: You are teh awesome.
I was %^%$ this morning, so ignore me. I know what you mean, and you know what I mean. Let's leave it at that; neither of us is trying to offend the other.
I just sent you the Pandora.
lawl~ superior story-telling technique. I thank you, as long as you aren't giving me over-the-top praise. :D
Argh! What I meant to point out is that not all of your reader audience is going to get the referance, but it's clear enough that they will get the joke.

Instead I sound sarcastic and mean. No more commenting on stuff at midnight.
They won't get what I'm referencing, I guess, but they can still see how silly it is that humans should advertise that they're not prejudiced.
kayoanno Nov 16, 2007
heh. 'tis a sad world, if that store ever existed. Or ever comes into existence...

I like the one-panel, I think you should do something like that when...maybe creative juices aren't flowing? I bet it's a nice little change of pace for you ^^
Shirts like that really exist. Except I've only seen ones that say 'Gay? Fine by me.'
And you'd be surprised.... It takes ten times the creative powers to come up with a one-panel comic than it does for an entire page crammed full of panels! It's not my thing. But it's a nice change :D
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